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Country of Birth: Uganda
Lives: London, Uganda 
Role: Power Generation, International Trade and Procurement. 
Hobbies: Rallying, Cricket, Tennis & Football


Emmanuel Katto is among Africa's most experienced rally drivers. Started rallying in 1984 for one season. Did not rally again until December 1995. Then intensified action in 1996 and 1997. He has been participating in the African Rally Championship (ARC) since 1996. ARC is approved by FIA the world motorsports governing body. Competition in ARC means maximum attack and sometimes careful driving for three days. Competitors drive on narrow roads with nature at arm's length but sometimes they also drive on roads with average speeds of 160kph. Just like how Emmanuel puts it, "You can only win a rally if you finish it."


For Emmanuel Katto life is an adventure to be lived to the fullest. There are many words that could describe Emmanuel. However for most people Emmanuel is the most determined and positive guy always with a naughty look. He is extremely competitive and will never give up. Emmanuel is also very keen on every detail. In order to seek adventure in life you need to have a good dose of seriousness. Anyone who wants to perform at the maximum, challenge everyday or push the envelope has to prepare to the last detail. Nothing can be left to chance and this includes personally providing for the hefty budgets required to take part in a rally event. This has also made Emmanuel notorious for dropping out of events due to business commitments.


Anyone who has the energy to put in 110% effort into any adventure needs a healthy life and diet. Emmanuel is also very lucky to have the full support of his family and friends as well. ...Enjoy life!... It is a 110% adventure


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  • 2 time uganda nrc champion

    Emmanuel Katto

  • ugandan businessman

    Emmanuel Katto

  • all time uganda rally legend

    Emmanuel Katto

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