KCB Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally 01 - 03 May 2009

Fri 01-03-2009: Its too rainy early in the morning, i got one more road test to do just before we head for the super special stage in Jomayi Kawuku Estate in Entebbe, just to make sure that everything is fine tuned. Am hoping to keep it easy, since the main event is the following day. Can't believe the road is too slippery, our service van with most of the equipment we need to use gets blocked 1Km away from the main service park area but were ready to give our fans the best they've always deserved. Roads are still too slippery, the car set up is just perfect though the car keeps stalling "my bad"..... Otherwise after all that, the whole circuit is a success, clocking 5th in a circuit doesn't mean we drove so badly, its just entertaining the crowds, so watch out for the real event the next day and judge us after the rally "smiles".


Sat 02-03-2009: Its a lovely morning here in Mityana, weather is just fine, no signs of rain spoiling the day especially that were going to tussle it out on very bad roads. Am heading out in second position behind Riyaz Kurji, am hoping to keep my strategy intact on James Whyte and Muna Singh since were all competiting for the ARC points.


Were told that theirs a heep of soil in one of the competitive sections but can't confirm on its real location in the sections, so we hit the first and second hamps and think its finally done but after a few Kms, we almost fall victims to the real heep of soil on the 3rd hamp but thanks to God we cruize past it but after one hell of a drive. We complain at the end of the section and authorities are like there very sorry.....Otherwise the car is better than before, everything is too perfect with the car set up.


Our pace is just too good so far, our chase is paying off well but within 3 or 4Kms on CS 6 Kikonge 1 - Sekanyonyi 1 (15.67Kms), one of our rims gets messed up, so we get out to see the impact, we find out that the whole rim just broke, the tyre never got any pancture, its all fine but the rim is all pieces. We loose alot of minutes, like 5 mins in the process of putting a new tyre. The Verlaques aka Rally Chicks have dropped out of the race after having broken there front left suspension towrads the flying finish and alot on there VW Polo is damaged, their advised to retire since they can't even make it in the transport section. Too bad ........


We try to go flat out just to make sure that we compensate for the lost minutes, James Whyte looks to be maintaining his pace too, Muna Singh is gaining pace. We get shocking news at the end of the rally that Riyaz crashed his Subaru N8 on CS11 into pieces and that an helicopter has been called in to transport him to hospital. Word reaching us is like Riyaz is dead after the fatal accident, we're all depressed and shocked at the bad news. May his soul rest in peace

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