Kobil Rally of Tanzania: 20 - 22 Feb 2009 (ARC)

Official opening event of the 2009 African Rally Championship calendar.

It was the opening round of the official FIA ARC calendar of the year 2009 as was decided, a lot of top notch drivers including Emmanuel Katto went after its conquest at all costs, ARC is Africa's biggest rally challenge, a lot of skills and patience combined are the gateway to archiving the grand finale in this event.


Fri 20-02-2009: We are set, the car mechanics are busy fine tuning it, making sure everything is as according to plan. Am hoping on maintaining a calm invasion on the first day as it will determine my quest for the rest of the rally. Am not surprised a lot of locals are already embracing the whole event, it must be a special feeling.


Sat 21-02-2009: Everything looks good so far, the car handles so well so far, no such worries as mechanical failures or punctures as of yet, hope it stays that way but with a lot of pressure from other ARC rivals, lets see how far we can go and keep them off our pace because we don't want to neither loss the top spot nor force any unforeseen mistakes, were taking it nice and easy, were not pushing the car obiviously but a think weve got 5 or 6 fastest times, stage times. Which is very good, its only may be the 4th stage section we were very slow, very conservative, we've decided to change the strategy, wana do some relly good times, steady pace, drive 80% maximum, u know, keep the car in good condition, no damage, win some points, our forcus now is collecting more points, becoz u know last year we had 2 non finishes, 1 very bad finish, so we didn't collect any points but this year we've decided to collect points, we get more points, be abit more conservative, not drive so fast and get some good finishes.


Sun 22-02-2009: After a lot of efforts in poll position were finally put to test on the final stage of the rally, a rear tyre puncture, to add to that dismay, the car jerk gets messed up as were trying to raise the car up and fix the tyre. I finally get to a conclusion that we drive the rest of the remain Kms on a flat tyre. We end up finishing in second position just 35 seconds separating us from James Whyte the new poll leader. I am disappointed with the result after many attempts in the new car but we will now work harder to try and do better in the Safari Rally and establish a good footing in the ARC standings, 8 points for us on the first ARC event is not that bad for the start

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